Lapo Gargani Artist
Lapo Gargani Artist
Lapo Gargani Artist



Lapo Gargani was born in Florence in 1972. Always in love with the arts and painting, ever since he was very young, he worked in the field of decoration and restoration of paintings, beginning at the same time -in 1995- a career as artist. During the years, he received important awards, for example the XXIV Premio Firenze in 2006, Premio Italia in 2007, and a notice as “Artist worth following” in the magazine Exibart in 2009. He works with writers and musicians. In 2013, he designed the setting in Palazzo Pitti for the concert by the Danish jazz musician Jesper Bodilsen, also designing the cover of his album, “Acouspace Plus”, which came out in 2016. In 2015, Lapo Gargani made an important work which kept him busy for nearly a year, dedicated to Vinicio Capossela, published in the book by Laura Rizzo, “Canzoni a Manovella”. An important moment was when he met art curator and event organiser Gisella Guarducci in 2016, who currently follows him in his artistic career. Works by Lapo Gargani can be found in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.


2005– International award “SS 325 associazione estrarte”
2006– XXIV Personal Florence Award “Arte Sicelle” 2007
Percorsi Paralleli at Galleria del Candelaio Firenze won the Premio Italia of Certaldo for Visual Arts with an article in the magazine “Eco d’Arte Moderna”
Winner of “Premio Comune di Capraia” with purchase of his painting for the public collection within “Premio Italia” of Capraia and monographic article by Roberta Fiorini
2009-Personal show at Fornace Pasquinucci (Capraia)
2010-Personal show “Le ballerine” curated by Cora Breckenridge for Associazione Arte a Colori, Montaione (Florence)
2011-Personal show “Dissacrazioni” at Palazzo de Podestà del Galluzzo (Florence)
2012-Personal show “Senza Titolo” at Palazzo de Podestà del Galluzzo (Florence)
2013-Pictorial setting for the Concert by Jesper Bodilsen “Scenografie” in Palazzo Pitti
2014-Personal show “In equilibrio” curated by Cora Breckenridge for Associazione Arte a Colori. Montaione (Florence)
Personal show “Dalla terra al cielo” curated by Cora Breckenridge and Emanuela Sensi c/o Libero Spazio for Associazione “Arte a Colori”. Colle val d’elsa (Siena)
2015-Work for the book “Canzoni a Manovella” by Laura Rizzo about song writer and singer Vinicio Capossela – Arcana Editore
2016-Personal show “Upside down” curated by Gisella Guarducci at Borghese Palace Art Hotel, Florence
Permanent personal show at the event “Sens’ Arte” curated by Cora Breckenridge at Art Gallery in Fi)
Artwork chosen as the cover for the new cd by musician Jesper Bodilsen
2017-Personal show during the event “Sens’ Arte II Firenze curated by Cora Breckenridge at Art Gallery in Tuscany 2. Montaione (Florence) and Gisella Guarducci Art Coordinator Borghese Palace Art Hotel
2018– Partecipazione a Paratissima Art Fair
2019– Personal Show  Studio Bong via Calimaruzza Firenze