“Fleurs”, the new works by Lapo Gargani, were born after reading the poetry collection "Les Fleurs du Mal" by Charles Baudelaire.
The artist continues his melancholic and hopeful journey called life, reflecting and questioning about man and the possible ways out. Lapo once again expresses himself between light, shadows, and subdued tones where, this time, the element to cling to is no longer a ladder, a heart, or a pier but flower buds that seek the light and are born amid the chiaroscuro fogs of his canvases.
The artist reflects and compares the correspondences addressed in the collection, giving us once again a mysterious world. What is immoral is treated with sinister mists of dark tones, stormy clouds that in the
path become luminous hazes where the element of the flower gently bursts, giving hope and beauty to man to help him get out of decay. LapoGargani, therefore, denounces with his works the will of man not to want to submit, whatever it may be, and still believe that through freedom a better life is still possible, always if we want it. (Cora Breckenridge)