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Lapo Gargani Artist
Lapo Gargani Artist
Lapo Gargani Artist

Lapo Gargani born in Florence in 1972
where he lives and works

2005 – International Prize “SS 325 Association estrarte
2006 – XXIV Premio Firenze
2006 – Personal “Art Sicelle”
2007 – Parallel Paths at  “Galleria del Candelaio” Florence
2007– Awarded at “Premio Italia” in Certaldo for the Visual Arts with an article on magazine “Eco d’ Arte Moderna”
2007 -Winner “Award City of Capraia” with purchase of the framework for public collection at “Premio Italia” in Capraia and monographic article by Roberta Fiorini
2009 – Personal exhibition at the Fornace Pasquinucci ( Capraia)
2010 – Personal exhibition “The dancers” edited by Cora Breckenridge for The Association “Arte a colori” Gallery. Montaione (Fi)
2011– Personal exhibition “Dissacrazioni” at the Palace of the Podestà Galluzzo (Florence)
2012 – Personal exhibition “Untitled” at the Palace of the Podestà Galluzzo (Florence)
2013 – Exhibition at Pitti Palace during Jesper Bodilsen ‘s concert named “Scenografie”
2014 – Personal exhibition “On balance” editid by Cora Breckenridge for Association “Arte a colori” Montaione (Fi)
2014 – Personal exhibition “From the Earth to the sky” edited by Cora Breckenridge and Emanuela Sensi c/o Libero Spazio” for the Association “Arte a colori” Colle val d’Elsa (Si)
2015 – Paintings for the book “Canzoni a Mnovella” by Laura Rizzo on the songwriter Vinicio Capossela – Arcana Publisher
2016 – Personal exhibition “Upside down” edited by Gisella Guarducci (art coordinetor) to Borghese Palace Art Hotel, Florence
2016 – Permanent and personal exhibition to the event “Sens’ arte” edited by Cora Breckenridge at the “Art Gallery in Tuscany 2”. Montaione (Fi)
2016 – Painting chosen for the cover of the new CD of the musician Jesper Bodilsen.