Visions of landscapes which merely await a hero to welcome. Not Achilles, Ulysses or Aeneas – rather the man himself, the artist who, abandoning certainties and a warm and reassuring domestic hearth, has decided to engage on a journey to explore new territories and unusual horizons, guided only by his instinct and the will to find himself and a truth going beyond what is contingent. Darkness seems too intense to afford a glimpse of a landscape beyond the path (Passaggio nella notte), fog appears thick and dense allowing one to imagine what lies beyond the horizon (Viaggio infinito), but the direction of the voyage is indicated, shown by perspective lines of composition which define space and call on the observer to continue with determination a journey which will certainly lead to transformation and rebirth of the hero. Artist and observer need only cross the threshold Il Passaggio) and walk towards an unknown becoming, breaking the evocative silence with the sound of their footsteps on the creaking wood.