Artistic production

The roots of Lapo Gargani’s work lie in drawing, and in a careful and painstaking study of images, photos and texts, which the artist explores, investigates, selects and reworks. Transparencies, graffiti, scratches in matter, collages and accurate touches of colour are all recognisable features of the artist’s hand, always carefully intent on making works with an impeccable balance in composition, where cerulean hues prevail, ranging from deep blue to blue-grey. The foundations of Lapo Gargani’s work therefore lie in drawing (Disegni): with flowing and uninhibited skill, he delineates figures, objects, essential details of a landscape on paper – using ink, red chalk, pencil or charcoal – and then transfers them onto canvas, enveloping them in colour and matter (Prospettive possibili, Altrove, Foresta Rossa). Combinations of colour are played on masterfully, bringing out areas of light and marking shaded ones. At times, white – used pure or mixed with paint – seems to dazzle the observer, while black mixed with blue sucks it into the depths of a swirling abyss. Lapo Gargani’s works evoke projections going beyond the boundaries of reality, but also immersions in the abyss of the past and of memory. Lapo Gargani’s production is a voyage where one can get lost and then find oneself once again. A quest for truth, steeped in charm and mystery.


Ritmo II

2019 tecnica mista su tela [...]



2019 tecnica mista su tela 100x100 [...]



2019 tecnica mista su tela 100x120 [...]



2019 tecnica mista su tela 80x120 [...]



2019 tecnica mista su tela 130x170 [...]


Pop heart

2019 tecnica mista su tela 90x90 [...]


Scia di luce

2019 tecnica mista su tela 80x100 [...]